Arms at the ready: Getting to grips with our battle system

May 25, 2023

Banners flutter in the wind, as two armies face each other in a deadly stand-off –⁠ the calm before the storm. The warlord raises his sword, and battle cries fill the air… Let battle commence!

Ye who are warriors of god!

Our unique battle system is inspired by the real-world tactics of the Hussite armies, which were largely made up of un-trained and poorly equipped peasants and commoners, who managed to defeat the professional armies of the Holy Roman Empire despite tremendous odds.

They achieved this through the clever use of improvised tactics, in which they made use of their environment, and updated their strategy according to the situation at hand. 

The Basics

The battle system is geared towards fast paced, turn based combat, utilizing a tile/grid system and unit deck.

The player commands their team of units on the field in a turn-based battle, with one unit playing at a time. 

A very special set of skills.

Units are playable characters on the battlefield that belong to one of the teams. Each unit has basic attributes: lives, armor, energy, energy recovery, damage, armor penetration, walking distance. The basic commands each unit has at its disposal are Movement, Attack, Ability(s), and Item Use.

Every unit in your deck is also equipped with its own special skills and attributes. It’s for you to find out how best to put them to use in order to outwit your opponent. 

You can base your tactics on unit selection and turn order, where different combinations of units mean different bonuses (e.g. Master archer = buff for all archers, etc..), as well as on attack order, or focusing on specific key enemy units.

Most importantly, however, it’s up to your keen assessment of the situation as battle-leader on how best to achieve victory.

Easy to learn, hard to master

Don’t panic! The system is designed with the motto "Easy to learn, hard to master." - no huge amount of knowledge is needed for you to control units and defeat opponents at the beginning of the game, making for a fun and engaging experience.

This means that initially there will be no need for you to comprehend all the bewildering stats, but as you advance, your grasp of the mechanics will deepen, allowing you to learn crucial tactics and form strategies for upcoming battles.

As the difficulty increases in the late-game stage, battles will be challenging experiences, in which an understanding of the mechanics and tactics will be necessary in order to vanquish your opponent, and achieve victory.

And last but not least, bravery!

Fear not, for God is surely on your side.