Medieval Update: 0.1.1

December 13, 2023

Hey, fellow Medieval testers! We have released update, which fixes some of your reported bugs and adds new features to the game. Thank you for your feedback; we could not have done it without it.

You can now enjoy two new battlegrounds (Courtyard and Tavern). We aimed to create a collection of medieval assets for future level design, exploring new styles in the process. Let us know what you think.

Battle fixes:

  • Removed overlay screen between turns

  • Starting positions on each battlefield were updated, so the teams are now closer to each other.

  • fixed hit animation

  • A player is now informed about the abilities used via the text.

  • Skull icon on the unit's death

Reduces download size - most of the content is now downloaded on the fly as the game needs to display it.

  • You may notice more prolonged waiting times for the first time (e.g., on map load), but all content is downloaded only once, and the next time you access it, it should load instantly.

Since the game is in pre-alpha, the store page showcases banners displaying what kind of features will come soon into the play.

Patch notes: 0.1.1

October 2, 2023

Hey, fellow Medieval testers! We have released patch 0.1.1, which fixes some of your reported bugs and adds new features to the game. Now, you can visit any tavern and have a beer (or ten) with locals, which may result in one of them joining your crew. You can also receive keys from doing various actions in the game and then use them to enter one of the dungeons we have prepared for you.

Below, you can see a list of updates and a list of known issues on which we are intensively working to resolve them. 


  • New feature: Dungeons

  • New feature: Tavern

  • New feature: Floating combat text

  • New icons for loot bubbles

  • Battle system combat should be sped up

  • Fixed issue where units with dagger equipped attacked for about 30 seconds

  • Fixed missing values in ability descriptions

  • Fixed loading circle

  • Landscape mode should not be allowed

  • Minor UX fixes

 Known issues: 

  • Player movement is not fluent when traveling at higher speed (e.g., by horse or tram)

  • FPS drops when a new part of the map loads

  • Interactions sometimes won't trigger correctly, which can freeze the UI on screen

Closed Alpha Testing

May 25, 2023

medieval image
medieval image
medieval image

Are you on the look-out for a new, and unique mobile gaming experience? 

Then come hither ye brave heroes and rejoice! For we are thrilled to announce the alpha launch of our new mobile game - Medieval.

Medieval is an interactive mobile game that will transport you to the late middle ages. Specifically, the world of early 15th century Bohemia at the time of the Hussite wars - a fallow land, torn apart by conflict and strife - yet brimming with adventure for those fearless enough to pick up a blade! Waste no time in venturing forth, as fierce battles, action-packed quests, and all manner of exciting challenges await you.

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly around the clock (with no sign of stopping) to combine the many diverse elements of deck-building, turn-based strategy, and geolocation into a holistic, immersive experience unlike any other.

As indie developers, we aim to foster a close connection with our player community, and it’s your experience as a player that is crucial to us in the development and design process. So, hop aboard (our hussite war wagon) and join us on our perilous adventure.

But how do I do that? You ask. It’s simple! We invite you to join our Discord channel, where you can learn more on how to sign up, and participate in a thriving and dedicated gaming environment, filled with like-minded hussites (or players, if you will).

Have fun, and give us your valuable feedback (it's worth its weight to us in gold!).

Yours truly,

The Medieval team