Geolocation: On the world map, and finding your way around

May 25, 2023

 real-world locations in medieval style

Medieval is a geolocation-based mobile game centered on offering an elaborate gaming experience, featuring a complex battle system, story based interactions, and deck-building features.

The game world takes place on the real world map of the planet Earth we humans inhabit, which, as you can see below, has been magically transformed into the countryside of Medieval Bohemia - a land ravaged by war between the Hussite factions and the forces of the Holy Roman Empire.

As the player you are bound to the territory you are in, and move around the map using GPS in order to discover new places and progress in the game.

Interact with the world around you!

The game focuses on exploring the territory and discovering interactions on the map. These appear as highlighted areas for you to enter. As the player, it is through these interactions that you gain new units to your ranks and gather the necessary experience and items with which to upgrade them.

Your exploration holds the key to seeking out fierce battles in which to triumph and reap the rewards, and story based interactions and quests, in which you will encounter a dizzying array of diverse characters and situations, ranging from challengers as simple as picking up a stick, to forging alliances that could shape the course of the conflict.

All you need to do is put your shoes on, and head outside. (Just don’t forget to check the weather.)